Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So here I am....

Trying to say something logical and I can't, because well I wish with all my heart I could leave this godforsaken country, and go somewhere else. I wanted to say something on the dangers of plastic surgery, and I even tweaked a picture of myself with my large nose, and so far I have nothing else to say. And yes my nose is large and long, which is so funny because just the other day a friend of mine said he did not like his growing up, but now he has accepted it as his big nose has enabled him to breathe huge gulps of air without restraint.

Two weeks ago, I went to a meeting, and to my horror rain started to fall. I did not have my car, so I knew I had to foot it. I was a bit concerned because so many folks were looking for a ride, and of course being as outspoken as I am, I doubt anyone would make me an offer. Plus just two days before, I got over a very resistant flu, that anchored me to my bed...so there I am, looking as though I am about to undertake a suicide mission. I counted to 5, and ran out into the seemingly light rain, in less than two seconds I was soaked to the skin, but the rain was refreshingly warm, I held my jacket together and walked all the way, passing people with their umbrellas waiting for taxis that were hardly coming. my shoes started to get slippery and many times I almost had a disgraceful fall. I entered into the Chinese restaurant and ordered a meal with Full Throttle, which is my favourite drink. After that I continued my dripping wet journey home. I thought how nice it would be to see my dream guy offer me a ride, my knight in a shining silver Porsche with chrome wheels, but alas that did not happen. One of my friends passed and she hailed me out, "Hey! What you doin there!" I replied, "I am soaking wet!" Well it made no use arguing with her because we fell out before, and she being strong willed like myself realized that it did not make any sense, I sat in the car and her husband rumbled the beige, hunking taxi to my place.

What I did not say, is that I felt that no one cared about me. The water was warm, but I felt cold, like a chill, all alone in the rain. Every step I took, I remembered all the times I drove my car and carried folks home, so you understand that as I walked home, I cursed under my breath that with my next vehicle, I would not even offer a sliver of hope to the 'car-less'. After many effusive thanks, I dripped to my wet apartment, with a warm heart and teary-eyed that there are still some kind people in the world, and like a tiramisu, they come into your life and fill you with hope, wonder, and appreciation. So thanks Johnny and Barbara for the warm-hearted drop of love.

201l©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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