Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy as a Stinging Bee

I have been as busy as a bee since last Friday, plus organizing my place for a lovely visitor. I can't believe I have so much books, plus Encyclopedia's.

Do you ever remember when Trinis went wild for Collier's Encyclopedia? My grandmother still has her 1970's set, and I have the 1985 set. That salesman made a mint, so I am organizing that, and some design books in my collection. Its been 2 years since I bought my last fashion magazine, now its all about NatGeo, I figured if I have to buy a book or something, it better be educating me. Plus, I gave away my Vogue magazines anyway, but kept my Bridal's though, just in case  I get the marriage itch, which hits me almost every year. My favorites are Elegant Bride, I simply like their eye for detail and colour. Nothing beats Architectural Digest and Florida Digest, which I hoard. I have a Maco magazine which is about Caribbean living, I only buy those if I see them, frankly I actually love the layout, it is very clean, but I have one, if I can get a gift subscription that would be fine thank you.

Finally, I am on Skype. Which is interesting, because I now have to be well dressed to speak to my people, not that there is anything wrong with that, but does get pretty warm here, and that's that.

Lately I have been looking at this chick on Youtube, she is so hilarious, have a look:

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