Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CafféLatté magazine main focus this year

Well, this year I am hoping to focus on the one topic that really made me start this blog in the first place. Yes, interracial marriages/relationships. I am still going to be giving interviews and I still going to review movies and share experiences, but the focus always was interracial marriages/relationships. As CafféLatté magazine is heading into its third year, I think its time.

What is lovely is that I found some videos on YouTube of interracial marriages, and if these couples do not mind, I would love to showcase them here, if they do, please leave me a message and I will remove the videos. They are shown here for appreciation and not criticism.

As a little bonus, I will add my very first illustration based on a photo that made me head in the IR relationships direction. I think the photo was taken by a guy named Walker, and it was done when I was studying for my degree. We had to make the magazine as real as possible, so this was my result, I even did another version, where I was able to get three experiences, such was the support maintained ever since.

Here is the last version:

Lovely. And here are the lovely videos I got on YouTube, I do not hold the rights, they are held by their respective owners. Thanks!

The only problem is I am not getting much mix of other races. I will keep searching and see what other variations I can get. Ok I got one:

If you have some more videos and would like to post, let me know.

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