Monday, June 27, 2011

The Captain and the busted pipe

Today was light, just the four of us, and lots of stuff to do. Later the cashier came, and another employee. So there were six. YAY! The day was full of things to do, jokes to make, chicken to fry, and sell to hungry Sunday Lunch Limers.

And then it happened.

A pipe burst in the kitchen. I don't really know how it happened, I heard a yell and ran to see a flood of water heading for the customer service area, I grabbed the broom to sweep it back into the kitchen, where there is a drain hole.  The Manager loudly shouted my name to mop the floor. So I did. I can't say no. There is an area under the fries and chicken display, where there is an open plug, if water gets there it can become a fire and electrocution hazard. So I guess my job today was to be an 'electrical conductor sacrifice'. I did mop the floor, it was a great work out.

For the rest of the day, the floor remained soaked and quite slippery, frankly it was quite irritating. Of course it is business and we have to make a living, so we did our job.

Coming down to the end of the shift, the 'water problem' got really bad, as we had to wash some of the utensils for the evening shift, and clean and marinate chicken. One of the employees ran to the manager to tell her what the situation was, and the Manager said that she called someone, and that there was nothing she could do about it, later she left. The young lady who fried the chicken for most of the day, got frustrated and decided to put the two drain pipes together (this was the problem, the drain pipes broke and caused the kitchen flooding). But she was unsuccessful, instead we washed the utensils, but we had to rinse them and drain the excess water in a bucket, and then, drain that said bucket into the mop area. Before leaving I organized the corn and the mash potato and gravy, Then I asked if anyone wanted assistance before I left. I helped a few, and then there was a long line of customers, so I helped the cashiers with the fries and the packaging of some of the orders. What made it a bit difficult was that the fries heater was not working, something about the plug, as a result the fries cooled much quicker, that means we had to package them and put them in the display, and that I did not do.

I was so tired and with the heat, my asthma came like a bull on a mixture of cigarette smoke and volcanic ash. I quickly logged out and left. My chest was heaving and I could not breathe, it felt as though, I was between two trucks and they were clamping down on me. I felt dizzy as I crossed the road, keeping my composure together. I quickly sat down at the bus shed and called my sister, the conversation was whisper puffing and huffing, I could not put two sentence without feeling my lungs were about to burst. I finished the rest of my Smalta and started chewing my gum. My heart was beating rapidly, and at one point I don't remember breathing, just taking in air in very short breaths.

Finally, I made it home. I began to tell myself that this is not the job for me. This is my second asthma attack there. I gotta try some new things before September, it is not going to be easy, and I have bills to pay. We will see what happens...

This happened yesterday, and I am always late with my blogging, plus I am watching Dairy of a Mad Black Woman. Anyway, you should go in your bed, its 1:00 AM!

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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