Monday, April 7, 2014

Car Talk

I admire car collectors. Vintage cars are not cheap, only if you meet someone with an antique and they give you a bligh, otherwise, no.

Morris Mini Minor 1967
However, I do have my desire to own one black Mini Minor. I remember going to school in Woodbrook, where every afternoon a lady with a 60's beehive would drive home in a sort of olive-jade green mini minor. She kept it well, and sometimes when I go to trini, I would hope to see it again. In fact, I never saw the car parked on the street or anything, I almost always saw her driving around the bend by "Amar", and heading towards the traffic lights. Then, I knew a couple with a blue and black version, they were relatively tall people, but when they sat in it, they looked like they were on the ground. In fact, have you ever saw a Mini Minor in traffic? I did and I thought "exhaust collector", but not even that term would cause me to loose my affection for it.
Monochome works well too...
Now we just have Mini. Its sleek modern with a hint of vintage charm attracts stares wherever it zips around town. Its possible, you can own one for at least $350,000 (TTD), and that may be the cheapest price, at least the last time I checked. My favourite version is the Countryman, only because it has 5 doors. If you do decide to gift me one, please ensure its manual and it is a right-hand drive. ;-P

Finally, the inspiring article that lead me to my Mini-obsession:,28757,1658545,00.html


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