Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Home Design

Island living. I can't say it is perfect, but it is certainly challenging.

Tobago is a completely different culture, in terms of the people. They love their heritage and to a certain extent the older heads are still respected. While I live in the city, interestingly I prefer the country life here. In some parts, like L'Anse Fourmi, I am reminded of the stories my mom would tell me. She did not grow up in Tobago, but the simple living as a little girl growing up among boys, helps me to visualize how she lived in the 1960's Point Fortin.

L'Anse Fourmi is very quiet and a bit underdeveloped. The villagers are very close and on a Sundays it is endearing to take a walk and talk to some of the villagers there. Did you know that some of the eldest people in Tobago live in L'Anse Fourmi and Charlotteville. These are not rich folks, but they are wealthy in wisdom, health and experience.

Now you have a personal account of a Tobadadian (copyrighted). I might add that unless you have a taste for adventure, you would never really learn Tobago... you have to get up and get out!

I did another home. The idea stemmed from a recent disappointment and I had to channel that energy somewhere. It has some pretty unusual features and too many windows. Right now, we are living at a time where we need to have some sort of cooling system, or boiled alive. I call this design the Double-Tapper. First, I took too long to finish it (I did not even design the doors and put in a gate), secondly, I want to upgrade my current apartment design to maximize the space, I will post these soon.

Take a look below and tell me what you think!

I almost forgot, it has: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, living and dining, kitchen, washroom and storage, double parking, patio, and an office. I did not take much measurements but I estimate its about 2,300 sq ft.



Kitchen/Dining area and living room

Dining area and stairs to the bedrooms

Scene from bedroom 1

Bathroom 1 
Lisa Marie Bonapartte©2014

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