Friday, April 8, 2011

A long way from discussing....

The word, sex. I know, I know its taboo for some cultures and forbidden in others, it is a rite of passage for some, while it is a means to an end in others, and for other countries it is casual, nothing much to say, it just happens....and for me, well I found a moment and was too curious to pass it up.

There I was buying my make up and mascara and eye shadow, and ladies stuff, and my eyes happen to fall onto some very fancy lingerie. I wore one a few times and they can be quite comfortable, but these looked like they can cause some sinister thoughts. So, I fingered some jewelery, some chains, looked at the false eyelashes and put a lip gloss into the basket. I went to the check out counter, and purchased my stuff, $89 (TTD) for everything. just my budget, I paid $100, got my change. I then proceeded to have a wierd conversation with the cashier:

"Can I ask you something?"


"What does edible lingerie taste like?"


"Well I am just curious, I have heard of it, and I don't know."

"Well it depends on what you like, there are undies for the guys and lingerie for the ladies, they can taste like licorice, cherries, strawberries, anything!"

I tried to imagine chewing lingerie that was already worn, and I shuddered a bit. I continued:

"Well what is the purpose if you are gonna eat it? Do you stay there chewing it....." I tried not to think about this part.

"These items sells very quickly, they hardly stay on the shelves, as a matter of fact, we have some here, take a look!"

So I went over to a corner next to the cashier section and saw stuff like, edible bra, edible undies, edible lingerie, and other X rated items I won't mention. This looks like big business.

Then I said, "But the stuff looks like cloth? Is it jelly?"

The cashier, and the customer laughed, "Nope, that is what they have on the cover."

"Oh." I can't imagine someone chewing something that was worn in the nether regions, and I couldn't imagine a sane human doing so. There it was, edible "stuff", while it does not appeal to me, it is big business in the world, and I would rather be given the choice to be educated about it, and know what it is, than have someone laugh at my ignorance, or put me in a position I can't handle. Again, you learn something new everyday.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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